‘Lil Kim’ gets the canvas treatment!

Updated gallery.

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To celebrate the upcoming opening of my online store and launch of the 1st DS T-Shirt collection I shall be giving away 5 T’s from that very collection!


Not all the designs have been chosen and I need your input to pick the last 2 designs. Designs will be uploaded to my facebook page DS Art album ‘Win a DS T-Shirt’ ~ ‘Like’ my page & choose the TWO designs you would want to see on a T-Shirt and you wherever in the world you might be, could be selected as one of the FIVE LUCKY WINNERS to receive a DS T-Shirt.

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BIG DS News and how to win some free DS stuff being announced tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

*New* DS stencil piece up in Berlin #StreetArt

I had never been to Berlin before this last week and even though it was a quick visit I think I got a good sense of what it’s all about. Ignoring the fact that when packing you should treat it more like your going skiing then another cold city, the people are friendly and creativity oozes out of every wall ~ Graff is EVERYWHERE so I got involved spraying ‘lil Kim’ under the iconic astronaut.

linear panorama edit



finished kim with smiley


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