Win some *NEW* DS clothing!!

To celebrate the upcoming opening of my online store and launch of the 1st DS T-Shirt collection I shall be giving away 5 T’s from that very collection!


Not all the designs have been chosen and I need your input to pick the last 2 designs. Designs will be uploaded to my facebook page DS Art album ‘Win a DS T-Shirt’ ~ ‘Like’ my page & choose the TWO designs you would want to see on a T-Shirt and you wherever in the world you might be, could be selected as one of the FIVE LUCKY WINNERS to receive a DS T-Shirt.

Those of you who are familiar with me and my art will know my attention to detail and quality is borderline OCD 😉 The DS line will be MADE IN LONDON and at every stage of it’s production will use the best materials, cuts and printing methods. 

*And remember only two designs must get your ‘like’ if your feeling trigger happy go and like some of my other shit! ;P 


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