Islington Gazette article

If you in the area pick up todays Islington Gazette as there is a nice article on me.

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New member to the 2d taxidermy set

The 2nd animal to join the 2D Taxidermy Set has arrived – The Indian Blackbuck – In the 19th century, blackbucks ranged in open plains from the base of the Himalayas to the neighbourhood of Cape Comorin, and from the Punjab to Lower Assam. They were abundant in the North-Western Provinces, Rajputana, parts of the Deccan, and on the plains near the coast of Orissa and Lower Bengal. Herds occasionally comprised several thousand animals of both sexes and all ages.

Today, the blackbuck population is confined to areas in Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu andKarnataka, with a few small protected areas in central India.

Indian Blackbuck

International Shipping price goes down.

The International shipping rate is now lowered to a flat £15 (more if buying originals)  If you do put through an order – thanks for all your support :) DS

Rainy Dunny by Triclops hits my store

Triclops 3″ Rainy Dunny UK Ye Olde English Series 3/25

Modelled on Rene Magritte’s painting of the raining bowler hat business men (Golconde). Its the best addition to the Ye Olde English Dunny Series by Kidrobot. The lineup consisted of 17 limited edition designs came straight from the genius minds of some of the top UK artists, and there’s nothing proper about them. Long sold out and only 1 available.


Pissed panda tee on sakon yamamoto

If you are a Formula 1 fan then you will know this man. Sakon Yamamoto who was with Virgin till 2011 and HRT before that is proudly rocking a Pissed Panda T~Shirt. Good man!Photo 31-07-2013 15 30 46

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