Last two free pieces delivered

The last day of giving away my Santa’s Mugshot pieces went off with out a hitch. I knew what trees I wanted to hit and with ninja like qualities they appeared under their magnificently decorated but temporary homes. The first of the day was the Fortnum & Masons Christmas tree – St Pancras, with all its wicker boxes. After placing it, I hung about for a few minutes blocking out the thought that I might cause a bomb scare. It caught a few peoples eyes as they walked past but they didn’t break stride. Satisfied with my placement I headed to the next spot.

f&m2f&m1Covent Garden was packed. The tree was under guard from budding amateur photographers and the ever changing sets of families standing in front of it. I circled the massive potted tree a couple times and with the welcome distraction of a street performer starting his act I put it in place. Walking away I was convinced that someone would surely have clocked the new addition and removed immediately but instead the families just kept on coming. I must of watched about 100 families pose with Santa’s head looming over them before it was taken. The guy seemed happy :) The final tree was my favorite and a good end to this years Christmas giveaway.

cov1 cov3

Merry Christmas London and to the new DS art owners out there – I hope you like :)

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