Joint venture with

If you haven’t heard of them already I’d like to introduce a great new company – Investables started by Steve Stevens an avid street art collector turned dealer/agent with a difference. I have been in contact with a lot of agents over the last 5 years and it can be pretty frustrating experience. Investables put their money where their mouth is and share the risk by commissioning artists who they believe in. We have been in touch for a little while and I’m glad to say they like my work enough to back me in what hopefully will be the first of many joint ventures. The first EXCLUSIVE piece will be ‘Miley Cyrus’s Smash Hits’ with the Original and prints being released this Sunday.


‘Miley Cyrus Smash Hits’ DS stencil piece

My latest piece ‘Miley Cyrus smash hits’ features Mickey Mouse and the ex manufactured Hannah Montana turning on her creator Disney. Done opposite the UK Disney EMEA Headquarters in Hammersmith to rub it in 😉

miley cyrus DS stencil

miley cyrus smash hits stencil

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