August 15, 2011

Got to love Flying Fortress!


August 11, 2011

HUGE piece in Germany by Ash, got to be one of my favourite pieces of street art out there.


August 10, 2011

Today’s piece is from a guy in the Peaceful Progress Crew a relevant name for the times in the Uk. This guy in particular is SICK!!  ‘Best’ is his name and I love his style, keep an eye out for him.


August 9, 2011



August 5, 2011

My favourite one of Nicolas Rubinsten pieces from an exhibition entitle ‘Mickey is a Rat’

DIY Munny by DS

August 4, 2011

For all you DIY vinyl toy fans here’s one I got my hands on.


French artist Benoit Lemoine has created “zipper tape” which allows him to add zippers to objects in public places.


August 3, 2011


He has the skills


July 27, 2011
On the roofs of Brooklyn you might be lucky enough to see this piece by Various & Gould

(photo © Jaime Rojo)


July 26, 2011

Insa at his best.

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