July 20, 2011

Been a while since I put up a #PieceOfTheDay so I thought would kick off with something HUGE! One of my favourite artists London Police. Enjoy!

Graffik Gallery Exhibition

July 19, 2011

Had heard of Graffik Gallery but never been so was glad to see what all the hype was about. Very different space to Red Bull Studios but an ideal environment for some ‘urban art’ + BBQ n drinks inc = :)

Red Bull Studios Exhibition

Packed from the start with a sizeable queue lasting most the night, it was a great show in a great space! One slight minus to having it run by Red Bull is I had a mighty headache before I hit my bed. Here’s a few pics.


July 4, 2011

Loving the interactive art by OAKOAK here’s a few pieces of his.


July 1, 2011

Interesting street art from artist Swoon, you can see this piece in  LÜNEBURG, Germany

‘Bad Kitty’ hits the canvas

June 29, 2011

Featuring Hello Kitty & Miffy gimped up.


Great collab from Jim Kapowski plus Cheo plus 3dom on a backyard shed.


June 28, 2011

Interesting piece by Isokromik in France

Upcoming joint exhibition @ Red Bull Studios

June 25, 2011


‘Bad Kitty’ piece lasts less then 12 hours

‘Bad Kitty’ featuring Hello Kitty & Miffy dabbling in a bit of bondage. The spot was good and the council took it back quick!  By the time I tried to get some photo’s the logo and text was being dissolved.

“Cut your nose off to spite your face” comes to mind…

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