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Munny Army teaser pic hits some great blog sites

A couple nice write ups on the DS Munny Army teaser pic as well as my 1st Munny. Spanky Stokes Dot Com and Low Brownie check them out! Be prepared to spend a while browsing the condensed quality of vinyl toys and art.

Vinyl/Custom Toy #PieceOfTheDay week

This weekend I have been catching up with the vinyl toy world. Mainly perving over Munnys & Dunnys but it is clear to see its a minefield of creative talent. As a result I thought I dedicate this weeks #PieceOfTheDay’s to some of that talent followed by a sneak peak into my very own Munny set I have been quietly working on.



DS – Vanguard Collective collaboration update

The final update! After some more good hours spent hand painting this replica Roman Charioteers helmets. It will be handed back to the guys at The Vanguard Collective  where they can work their magic of fitting  its horse hair tail and aged leather interior.


Just picked up off RONZO my very own Crunchy The Credit Crunch Moster! I still have a stupid kid at Christmas grin. He’s got some great pieces available to buy and some big things going on so follow and keep updated. Thanks again!

Staring down from the 5th floor at my latest piece

AOL & Huffington Post UK HQ mural in the boss’s office.

New DS piece up in Hastings

New stencil up next to the Banksy piece in Hastings. Coastal winds and night time fisherman not your average hinderer’s for a London street artist.

New piece ‘Walkies’ up in my gallery

Commissioned mural with time-lapse vid

Short time-lapse video on my latest commission, a simple piece compared to my other work but was good to work on this scale.

>>>> DS Time-lapse mural <<<<

Evisu 20th Anniversary Exhibition

I was a happy boy when asked to be a featured artist for the 20th Anniversary of such an established company. Especially considering a lot of my work is heavily influenced by the orient and the shows theme was to celebrate all things Japanese. However it was still tough! With my last minute styles and Evisu HQ getting back saying the Rising Sun background was a no no, I had little time to make the #2.

The event was real good though! There were some great artists including Insa and Mr Batlow also a sushi chain and some tasty liquor companies as sponsors which always helps.




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