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Pics up of the LFA Event at the ICA!

Here’s a couple photos from the LFA Event held last Tuesday. It was a great show shame I felt like crap though :( DS

Art Helsinki pic up.

A photo with my work up in Art Helsinki is on my facebook page, check it out!

Interview with London-Art.Net is up!

A great blog site has just put up a little interview with me up check it out! DS

Interview with Idol Magazine

Idol Magazine has just put up there interview with me, check it out!

Not long till Art Helsinki!

My work will be on it’s way soon with the other ‘Orion Contemporary’ pieces ready to be shown for next week.

My first set of 25 A1 prints are now available to buy!

My first set of 25 A1 prints are now available to buy!
One of my favourite pieces ‘El Presidente’ featuring Obama on the decks is reproduced using glicee print and spray paint on a heavy gsm textured card.
I don’t expect them stay around for too long so let me know if interested in having one.
…£240 unframed £300 framed

DS Art at the FBBB!

To all people who like the creative arts! There’s a quality event coming up and DS Art will be taking part. A unique, bespoke 2 day event – matching some of London’s finest skateboarders with some of the most talented young designers and exciting fashion brands.

For more info click the link


Exhibition date still to be announced but check out the gallery to see a new painting!

DS Art is online!!

Welcome to my site, it’s been a long time coming I hope you like it. A big thanks to the designer Miss Molly, you can reach her at and to all the people who have supported me.

My art’s up for sale at the moment via the lovely Loulou B’s site. For all you stylish ladies, theres one off bags and jewelry as well as some custom kicks to make even the most stinking of mens feet feel fresh (sorry had to be said). Enjoy!!

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