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*New* DS stencil piece up in Berlin #StreetArt

I had never been to Berlin before this last week and even though it was a quick visit I think I got a good sense of what it’s all about. Ignoring the fact that when packing you should treat it more like your going skiing then another cold city, the people are friendly and creativity oozes out of every wall ~ Graff is EVERYWHERE so I got involved spraying ‘lil Kim’ under the iconic astronaut.

linear panorama edit



finished kim with smiley



Nice crisp owl piece in Atlanta by ???




I just came across this artist and was blown away! A man who applies his trade with a scalpel and with more precision then a plastic surgeon. Check out his site out



Munny Army teaser pic hits some great blog sites

A couple nice write ups on the DS Munny Army teaser pic as well as my 1st Munny. Spanky Stokes Dot Com and Low Brownie check them out! Be prepared to spend a while browsing the condensed quality of vinyl toys and art.


I miss this Banksy muralbanksy-pulp-fiction-banana-2


Sket 1 ~ Condiment king! Another favourite vinyl toy creator of mine he first came to my attention because of his love for condiments. Starting with his Sketchup hes gone through Heinz and HP and now on Skettracha.



Have to add this custom Fatcap in too!



Starting off with my all time favourite vinyl toy creator @HuckGee . Those who have followed my #PieceOfTheDay’s from the start might remember this aint the first time I’ve posted about his art. Like all great artists Huck Gee doesn’t sit still and has continued developing and perfecting his skills. The end of 2012 he created some epic characters but I cant just show one, so here are some of my favourites. Enjoy

La Muerte De Oro





Vinyl/Custom Toy #PieceOfTheDay week

This weekend I have been catching up with the vinyl toy world. Mainly perving over Munnys & Dunnys but it is clear to see its a minefield of creative talent. As a result I thought I dedicate this weeks #PieceOfTheDay’s to some of that talent followed by a sneak peak into my very own Munny set I have been quietly working on.




Cardboard boxes aren’t just for the kids amusement or moving. Now thanks to¬†Bartek Elsner¬†adults can enjoy them too.


Anamorphic graff by the TSF Crew

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