Yesterday I delivered two more Santa’s Mugshot stencil pieces under public Christmas trees in London. In Kingly Court by Carnaby Street was the first drop off of the day. I sat near by for a bit, posted my clues and watched as many tourists, had their coffees, took their photos and left. Then headed off to grab some non festive Mexican for dinner and the next tree.

Its about 6pm before I reach the last tree of the day, London is cold, wet and quiet but as I approach the HUGE Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree the festive sounds of carol singers surround it. I jumped the barriers and placed it under then headed home.

I haven’t heard any news from the new owners but I hope they go to a good home. If you missed out on the last three pieces don’t worry – two more will be dropped today. More info to follow but remember my Twitter @DS__ART Instagram @DS__ART and Facebook DS Art are the best ways to get the updates.