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Last two Santa’s mugshot pieces being dropped today

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas wherever you are! If you got your warpaint on and getting stuck into the Boxing day sales then you might be interested in my last offer. 100% off my Santa’s Mugshot pieces! Two being dropped under public Christmas Trees TODAY!

Striped & Gold Number 5 & 6 are up for grabs.

Photo 25-12-2013 12 20 50

Ho ho holllllllld up!


Yesterday I delivered two more Santa’s Mugshot stencil pieces under public Christmas trees in London. In Kingly Court by Carnaby Street was the first drop off of the day. I sat near by for a bit, posted my clues and watched as many tourists, had their coffees, took their photos and left. Then headed off to grab some non festive mexican for dinner and the next tree.

Photo 24-12-2013 14 30 52


spot the gift at the bottom


Its about 6pm before I reach the last tree of the day, London is cold, wet and quiet but as I approach the HUGE Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree the festive sounds of carol singers surround it. I jumped the barriers and placed it under then headed home.

Photo 24-12-2013 18 16 18

Photo 24-12-2013 18 49 59

Photo 24-12-2013 18 27 07

I haven’t heard any news from the new owners but I hope they go to a good home. If you missed out on the last three pieces don’t worry – two more will be dropped today. More info to follow but remember my Twitter @DS__ART Instagram @DS__ART and Facebook DS Art are the best ways to get the updates.

1st Christmas present down 4 to go

The 1st of five Santa’s Mugshot pieces was successfully picked up yesterday! At 6pm the wrapped up A3 stencil piece on wood was dropped under a Christmas tree in Angel N1. Guided by the hints and pictures from my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts it was found by one of my Facebook followers sons. Below is a picture of the piece with its new owners.

There are four more to go though!? Two today and two on Christmas, so if you fancy owning a DS stencil piece then stay tuned for more info. Follow my Instagram  Twitter or Facebook to get the quickest updates.  The 2nd of the five ‘Santa’s Mugshots’ will be dropped to be found at 3:30 TODAY!

Merry Christmas & happy searching.



Santa’s Mugshot Christmas gift

6:00pm Today under a public Christmas tree the first of 5 ‘Santa’s Mugshots’ is going to be left for you to find. More info to follow after I number these guys but if your in north London you have a head start. :) santas mugshots wraped

Great coverage

Yesterday was a great day for coverage in the press! Hit The Daily Mail, Sun, Evening Standard, Telegraph and The Metro newspapers. Crazy!?969994_10151602485778106_1986733290_n

Win some *NEW* DS clothing!!

To celebrate the upcoming opening of my online store and launch of the 1st DS T-Shirt collection I shall be giving away 5 T’s from that very collection!


Not all the designs have been chosen and I need your input to pick the last 2 designs. Designs will be uploaded to my facebook page DS Art album ‘Win a DS T-Shirt’ ~ ‘Like’ my page & choose the TWO designs you would want to see on a T-Shirt and you wherever in the world you might be, could be selected as one of the FIVE LUCKY WINNERS to receive a DS T-Shirt.

Those of you who are familiar with me and my art will know my attention to detail and quality is borderline OCD 😉 The DS line will be MADE IN LONDON and at every stage of it’s production will use the best materials, cuts and printing methods. 

*And remember only two designs must get your ‘like’ if your feeling trigger happy go and like some of my other shit! ;P 


DS Facebook Page


BIG DS News and how to win some free DS stuff being announced tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

Graffik Gallery Exhibition

Had heard of Graffik Gallery but never been so was glad to see what all the hype was about. Very different space to Red Bull Studios but an ideal environment for some ‘urban art’ + BBQ n drinks inc = :)


Loving the interactive art by OAKOAK here’s a few pieces of his.

‘Bad Kitty’ hits the canvas

Featuring Hello Kitty & Miffy gimped up.

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