I would like to say that I painted them all while abseiling down the shaft but… well let’s just pretend I did.

In total I have made 19 storeys of elevator art, nearly 300 originals and prints, and have overseen all the logistics and hanging of it as well as other art.

The Rosebery

An aparthotel in the heart of London. In the Rosebery, the first of two elevator shafts was painted with the third one currently being made. Using a glass elevator as you move through the six floors the art and its story is told.

The Chronicle

My largest mural to-date, covering eight floors. My work can be seen via the glass elevator of The Chronicle, an aparthotel in the heart of London.

Using over two hundred meters worth of hand cut stencils and a fair bit of time to create the latest elevator commission. A six story, colourful vibe stencil mural for the Q Square Aparthotel in the beachside city of Brighton.

Furnival Street - London
The Chronicle - London