MG x DS Art Car

Very pleased to have been chosen to be MG’s artist to paint their first official art car! During the few months it took from talks, proposals and finally painting I got to meet the extremely talented MG SAIC Design team. It was an honour to work with them and for a company with such prestige and heritage! A fine way to end 2019 a year that has been a HUGE year.

‘Kid at Heart’ was the design theme we settled on, and once I got over my fears of ruining a perfectly good paint job on a brand new car, I began to feel the kid in me come out.

Using a spray gun for the first time and with the help of South East Customz I laid down over 20 different colours of hearts followed by up to 13 layers of stencils. It was revealed as part of the London Design Week in front of press and the owners of MG.