Back in action!

January 25, 2018

After major issues with my website I’m happy to my website is online, updated and fully stocked!

Investable POp up show

July 2, 2015


Ivestables is having its 1st pop up show next week in Soho, London and I’m lucky enough to be part of it. I will releasing 2 new Art Grenades and doing a live electronically drawn print to be sold off on the day for Charity. Hogging all the wall space will be myself and Roy’s People who’s one of my favourite artists. If you like technology too you will be in luck because some serious tech will be on display too. See you there!

Location to be announced soon but I can say its in soho on the 8th of July.

Up to date info will be via

Minor Heart Attack

June 1, 2015

Minor Heart Attack the miniature version of my main image from my solo show Heart Attack.

Pick your colour from the Montana Gold colour charts and you will be the only one with it. ‘Minor Heart Attack’ 50cmx50cm available now for £395

Photo 09-05-2015 16 57 45Montana Colour Chart

If in London you will be able to see the original at Cargo, Shoreditch.Photo 21-02-2015 13 18 31

pre show sale

April 15, 2015

I’m clearing out my studio to make way for my new work so have a few pieces that are up for sale at low low prices. If interested drop me an email at

evisu #1 EP

This guy named ‘Evisu Reject’ was for the Evisu 25th anniversary but the owners rejected it because the rising sun was too strongly linked to WW2…. So it stayed with me. Its 100cm x 100cm spray-paint on denim 1/1 £200


‘AK47’ Testing the water with stencilling on objects, I made this AK47 from card and stencilled it with the landscapes of Afghanistan 40cm x 80cm Spray-paint on deep edge canvas with removable card AK47. 1/1 £400


‘Daunting’ REEEEEEAL early work where I was still testing my stencil skills. The figure is painted in oil not stencilled!? A pivotal point in my art career only one other painting where I have used oils in a similar way then after it was stencils all the way! 100cm x 100cm 1/1 not sure what to price this as so mainly looking for it to a good home. If interested send me an email with why you would like it and what you want to pay for it.

Night Chase

‘Night Chase’

Full Metal Jacket inspired. 50cm x 50cm 1/1 Spray-paint on deep edge canvas £150

Night Scene

‘Night Scene’ The 2nd piece in the Full Metal Jacket set. 100cm x 50cm 1/1 Spray-paint on canvas £250

These are priced to sell so if interested act quick!

Lupus rider hits East London

April 9, 2015

Another member of Cupids Hit Squad rides into London this time, Hanbury St off Brick Lane. See him on canvas at my solo show @ Graffik Gallery May 14th. Inquires for the show or pre-sales list please email my at

Photo 07-04-2015 17 52 50Photo 07-04-2015 18 06 37

‘in the name of love’ DS solo show @ Graffik Gallery

February 24, 2015

I am please to announce I have a solo show at Graffik Gallery which will be kicking off on the 14th May. The ‘In The Name Of Love’ Exhibition will feature a lot of my latest work on Cargo’s wall’s plus a lot more unseen work. I hope to see you there :)

Photo 21-02-2015 13 18 31

DS – Cargo paint job.

The start of 2015 has been a busy one with the unleashing of five new stencils onto Cargo’s walls. The Shoreditch bar/club has houses some of Banksy’s early pieces and to have my work nestled amongst his and other great artists work is a real honour!

Photo 04-02-2015 16 28 44 Photo 05-02-2015 15 52 17 Photo 06-02-2015 12 35 50 Photo 13-02-2015 16 14 13 Photo 21-02-2015 13 18 31 Photo 21-02-2015 13 21 34 Photo 21-02-2015 13 24 36

Smoke & Mirrors Exhibition

July 23, 2014

If your in Swindon this weekend go see the Jack Rabbit street art show with DS, My Dog Sighs, Roys People + many more10535737_1445512865718840_6513935975796319615_o

The Creative Bubble

Check out some of my work @ The Creative Bubble near London Bridge10431511_299717530195236_7496299674541297262_n

Exhibiting @ Curious Duke Gallery

(60) Days of Summer show at Curious Duke Gallery is open. Come see mine + lots of other great artists work. Photo 16-07-2014 16 15 44

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